Do you know Xbox was first launched in 2001 in the United States owned and created by Microsoft?

Xbox is the first generation video game among its six generations. Despite having a wide rush in the xbox gaming world, undoubtedly, Xbox gaming platform has been the best selling and most popular online video game till this ear and today’s date.

It is very uniquely satisfying thing about the Xbox one Mystery game and features a wide & vast range of gaming performance and gaming experiences. If you searching for any investigation game or some likely puzzled solving games or the combo of the mixed games you will get to play with top rated xbox games and here are the top 15 Xbox one Mystery games if are fond of solving mystery stories.

xbox one mystery games

#1 Sherlock Holmes – Crimes and Punishments

xbox one mystery games

if you are fond of playing Xbox one mystery games than you have probably heard the name of Dr Sherlock Holmes which is well known name for solving mysteries and investigations. All the history of mystery games and investigations seem half & incomplete without Sherlock Holmes.

Talking about this game, as Sherlock Holmes, you have to collect a lot of evidence and clues and build a conclusion while playing a good lead role in it. It all depends on you how you would prove to be a good investigator in Sherlock holmes game.

#2 A Noire

best xbox one mystery games

Whenever you think of Xbox one Mysteries games, this name must surely come in your mind as a good game. This is a very mysterious and mystery game for aspiring spies with essential mystery dramas.

I think this is one of the best mystery game that will make your quarantine time more fun. enjoy with many good stories by leading a good role with more drama and fun.

#3 The Wolf Among Us

xbox one mystery games 2020

I have fetched the Telltale game series on third number of today’s list of xbox one mystery game based meaningful stories to make the extra fun while playing mystery genre. The game was launched in 2013 and is superb & best fairytale mystery game.

The console game has been made with its 5 consecutive episodes. you have to collect all evidences and clues of the burtal bloody muder in this game by keeping hidden community and the fairytale character as a huge and hidden secret from the world.

#4 The Walking dead

xbox one mystery game

walking dead Xbox game is the one of the best favourite of mine and other gamer also. You will feel more adventurous and mysterious even by the name of this game. The walking dead is based on the Telltale comic books with 5 episodes launched in 2012. The game gives the similar view as that of the Comic onset of Zombie apocalypse.

All the graphics, designs, characters, gameplay and story has been focused with very impressive attention for making the game experience more better with XBox one.

#5 What remains of Edith Finch

best xbox one game

searching for mood changer? So heart-wrenching dive into the lost world type of mystery game. so it could be one of the best for Xbox one. The game will take you longer to escape the emotional grip. now we are going to talk about the story of this game that, The story of this game rests on a family who left behind a mystery by the death of the relatives.

This xbox investigation game will give you more information about Edith Finch and it takes only a little hours to learn the truth of Edith Finch.

#6 Outer Wilds

2020 xbox one game

Most mystery games are on the lookout for a criminal, but the direction of this game is different and goes beyond them. It goes beyond the entire universe and the solar system and tries to discover those secrets. Maybe some of you are also thinking how this is possible ?

So yes! It here an exploration game that is finding signs on various planets and can be a unique experience. Playing the game will reveal more mysteries. This is a must play game.

#7 Return of the Obra Dinn

best xbox one games

I consider this one of the most mysterious game for Xbox one with great qualities and graphics.

This is one of the most mysterious game one could ever play. It distinct monochromatic art, graphics, styles, gameplay and your brain needs to be stressed too much for solving the mysteries

Now, if we talk about the story of this game play game, then the entire story rests on the old ship of one who returns again after 5 years. How did he just get lost or how many passengers are still left in that ship, It is your responsibility to do all this. The stories of Obra Din always leave you in suspense more than rewarding you.

#8 The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

xbox one games

If you are fond of one such game in which Combination of both horror and mystery is combined, then this is a suitable Xbox One game for you. I am very confident to say that it is still the best game even six years after its release.

now let’s talk about the gameplay of this great Xbox one game, a twelve-year-old boy, Ethan Carter, disappears, creating a tragic incident in the Red Creek Valley that will undoubtedly uncover the mystery but at the end. It is one of the best games from Xbox production.

#9 Life is Strange Xbox

mystery xbox one games

Here is a graphic mystery adventure video game consisting of 5 episodes that is called Life Is Strange. It becomes an award-winning series with its ability due to supernatural twist according to your desire.

Now we are gonna talk about the gameplay, each episode of the mystery Xbox game is designed in such a great way that it creates an important moment and situation by connecting your past with the present. This game, Promised as the main issues of the world such as depression, suicide, bullying, violence, major harm with more issues.

#10 Batman – Arkham Asylum

batman xbox games

Who doesn’t know about Batman’s comic creation series in this 21st century. Batman’s own variety of movies and his fan following makes him the best.
It is the special action dark adventure unique game that gives you a way of deeply hospitality of criminal insanity.

now let’s talk about the story of this Xbox one Batman game, it is much focused game on ability, detective skills, strength, power, mysteries, batman combat, investigation and much more.
Talking about the story, that is trying to add much fun to the game for xbox.

#11 Unmechanical – Extended

best mystery xbox one games

This is the another best Xbox One production game. It is the one of the simple and straightforward graphic mystery game. The game’s player has to solve the mystery of the student project by collecting all needy pieces and it will keep you busy and interested in the game for several hours.

Although this game is not very popular, but if we take a look at the rating, it proves to be a very good game for xbox one. You may consider it appropriate to give it a rating of 5 stars after playing.

#12 Portal 2

mystery xbox one games 2020

You will get many numerous mystery games made by Portal. Portal 2 is the sequel series of Portal. The best portal’s game has sequal with more excitement. The game introduces us new more handicap challenges and solving mysteries in the second series with a much better idea.

now we are gonna talking about the game play of this portal and here you can play with your friend also with inbuilt multiply feature. you can take gun and shoot others but you will get to know about its all feature after playing the game xbox one.

#13 Valiant Hearts – The Great War

xbox one games

Xbox platform games are very must playable gamed and it is this type of Dark Mystery game. The story of the game is a bit interconnected as it tries to determine both happiness and love at one place of fate.

The story of this game seems a bit distracting unfamiliar and undefined which you will get only after playing it. Get ready for playing a masterpiece Xbox one game.

#14 Firewatch

xbox mystery games

It is a first-person Xbox One game designed to combine a variety of visuals, landscape, mysteries and stories to make it more and more enthralling. Despite playing in it, there is no question of disabilities because your hands will be connected to xbox Console games and you will enjoy it more and more.

The game is based on a person’s emotional life line at the other hand of the game. And your task will be so much that you have to cross this game in between the real and excited memory. Get enjoyed with the story based xbox one games.

#15 The Turing Test

mystery xbox one games

If you are given a chance to control any type of international space agent system in real life, then how good will it be or will it not be a good thing, or even within this game you will have to take control on the agent working on jupiter, Moon and other types of planets.

Now you have to handle the entire system of electricity in it because there are other people working in ita and they have forgotten to close machinery and some of the doors.


So, these are the top 15 Xbox One mystery game that are very awesome to play and must play games. All the best xbox one mystery games have been made with their full features which have been given the most attention so that people do not feel despair at all.