There are times in life when we have nothing to do and we are bored sitting. And to remove the problem, it is not necessary to play any physical game every time. Because nowadays the era of advanced technology is increasing very much and playing physical games is not suitable for everyone in this era.

And in such boring times, always playing daily games is also not our good choice at times. Because they take longer to play, the battery also gets discharged quickly. And like every time people get frustrated due to not getting good results so To get rid of this problem, I have brought such best time killing games for you today, which will help you in spending your time.

These 15 best time killing games will not do take much space and will not discharge the battery too quickly so that you can get longer with entertainment. Some of these will be quizzes, some puzzles and some other entertainment games fir both IOS and Android.

time killing games

#1 Galactic Warrior Android

time pass games

Here is a fast-paced and arena style action game where a lot of enemy’s waves will be coming and you have to stop by defeating them. it has two various modes; a free of limits infinity mode & a fully fledged story mode. you have to gain the armor and gold to achieve your glory.

#2 Bottle Flip 3D Android

time killing games

Like its name or you can find out what kind of obstacles it is going to face. In this, you will get a bottle, which you will have to control and come to all types of surfaces and land it properly. I have played it many times and I can’t reach the final level. Can you ? So try this bottle flip game for once.

#3 2048 Android 

time killing game

I think so that you have played this math-oriented game many times if yes then raise your hand. Yeah you will have to swipe the tiles until you get the score of 2048. The tiles will changing their colours after getting double of that own number. It will be very exciting and brings you back to the old school days.

#4 Bubble Wrap Android

time killing best games

yeah you will get a chance to dive in the childhood back with this bubble wrap game for killing the time very quickly. It comes with very great features of crashing the bubbles with your finger. This is one of the best from the genre of best popping bubble wrap games in 2020.

#5 Sand Draw Sketch Android

best time killing games

Get ready to return to childhood’s old memories in which you used to make sand sketching with your hands on the soil. In this soil sketch game too you are going to experience that moments back with a lot of mote fun and adventure. You won’t be bored while playing this best time killing game for Android.

#6 Flow Free Android

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This 2020 timepass game is made with a style in which you have to match many types of color dots. If you overlap a line created by any other color dot, then that line will be cut and the new line will be recognized. this is my best favourite time killing game in 2020 because it gives a lot of entertainment with spending time impressively.

#7 Paperama Android

best time killing games

If you like to make things by shaping paper, then the paper folding game is based on the same art in which pictures will be changed with 3D animations in which you will have to make other types of things by folding paper. It is a time killer best app.

#8 AnonyChat Android

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AnonyChat is a platform where you can easily talk to this strangers. You can send them your photos and talk to the people of your area without knowing them. It has option of language matching that fetch the matched person to talk you. This is the best way with this time killing app.

#9 Duo Lingo Android

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It has been known as one of the best language learning apps as it helps us in learning more than 20 languages with daily practices. Now there will not be any kind of boredom in your life because whenever you are free, you can get the rights to those languages by opening this application and reading the paragraphs given in it. It is most time passing android app in 2020.

#10 QuizUp Android

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trivia fans will definitely like this quiz game for increasing their knowledge one by one and it is also made to kill the time much quicker than other quiz apps because it keeps us busy in multiple quizzes and knowledge. You are really able to choose your favorite traffic from more than 100 topics like economic and cultural.


these are the top 15 time killing games for passing time very quickly in in boredom. yeah you will get a lot of entertainment and fun without getting upset. due to all featured games you can get a lot of fun time.