In today’s emergency life it becomes very difficult to find time for oneself and sometimes such a time comes. When there is time, but we have nothing to do, then for that time I have brought some time Killing apps for you which will help in killing your time.

Here are top 15 best time Killing apps for Android and IOS in 2020 that are very useful to spend your time very quickly without any boredom. so let’s get started without any more conversation.

time killing games

#1 Flow Fire Android

time killing best apps

The time pass apps are very useful in survival of passing time very quickly. It gives a lot of entertainment and do you do place to have to be busy in getting entertainment. Any of your favourite you can pick and get enjoyed with its features.

This app is perfect to kill time when you are getting bored. There will be many fun while playing this time killing app. In this time killing game you have to make the colour dots by using your mind strategy. You can unmatch the colours also for new strategy matching technique back.

#2 2048 – A best puzzle game Android

time killing game

They are the essential the seek out of from the boring time. you will be getting very enjoyed with these best time passing applications. is comes me many of the great features with best and premium quality. You can downlod it in your smartphone without any hesitation of virus.

Do you like maths even with the puzzle games. So it’s here the time killing puzzle app that you can use to match any similar numbers to add the both number for double of that both numbers. It is very classical time killing app android. There will be no obstacles while downloading this app because it is free game.

#3 Open Talk Android

2020 time pass apps

Do you need time pass app for Android then it’s here with many features. It comes with premium quality for passing your time very quickly in boring time. you don’t need emulators to run it. It serves its best and updated quality with perfection.

open Talk time killer app is a very best way to kill the time very quickly. It does not only connects you with your friends but it connects you even with the whole global on its platform. There will be no boring time after downloading this time killing best app.

#4 Paperama Android / iOS

best time killing games

Are you also one of them who wants to pass boring time quickly by using the smart time pass apps for Android and iphone with quality Specifications. So they are here waiting for you. you will have not to download any emulator for running with essential time pass android apps.

do you also like paper folding games like kids? Its bere with more than 70 puzzles and 3D effects that makes you fall into the world of origami. It will bring back your childhood. This time killer app is made for all aged persons. I hope you are also one of them who wants their childhood back.

#5 Bubble Wrap Android / iOS

time killing best games

Everyone needs time pass but how? I have fetched some applications for timepass but I generally use this timepass app 2020 for enjoyment. do you also need this then you can download it from over link. It provides you the best quality of it.

I am very good fan of crashing the bubbles with my fingers. When the get crash i love that sound. This is best bubble wrap game. You will be able to dive into the childhood again with this time killing app for android.

#6 StumbleUpon Androird

time pass ways

Do you are so need best essential time passing apps in 2020 so they are here and its the one of the best pick from them. You will be sticked with it and it will not let you go far from it. so you don’t need to have any stress in your mind about the specifications of this because this timepass app comes with best quality.

if you are fond of discovering new contents then it will be very precious app to kill the time very quickly. There will be many photos, videos, memes, news, art travel tips, entertainment contents and other related contents too in this with single click.

#7 QuizUp Android / iOS

time killing apps

many times people get chance to visit through airplane so this android timepass app will help you in passing your boring time much quicker with uts best perfomance. Because it will not let you bore from the travel time in airplane. It will make you busy ij using its features.

Man is a very curious person who loves to do many types of observation and get random information. Which also tells us why people have given a lot of love to this android time killing app. Keep the trivia community alive and go for multi player.

#8 AnonyChat Android

time killing apps

it is considered as the one of the best time pass app in 2020 and it will be converting your boring time into realistic fun. so you will get to use physical gadgets for entertainment. it is used by a lot of google users and given good & positive response.

How easy it is to kill time while talking to someone because we do not know how much time we have spent talking. This application is also similar in this way, in which you will be able to chat with other people, you will be able to send photos, you will find videos sharing options too in this Android time killing app.

#9 Sand Draw Sketch Android

best time killing games

the list hasn’t been closed, it has more apps for time-pass that will kill your time with its great feature of giving you a time of childhood back.

isn’t this nice to do art with your finger on the sand? Its so satisfying game for all aged person. This best time killing application gives you permission to put your thoughts on your soil. This is so amazing art work game with satisfaction.

#10 Duo Lingo Android

time killing ways 2020

Are you also one of them who are found of learning new languages then this languages learning app will be very useful to teach you more than 20 languages with daily practice. Your all languages will be improved with Delhi practices and your time will also be killed with this best time killing app in 2020.

#11 Words With Friends Android

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Do you like Scrabble-based word game then this is here with many great feature of finding the set of characters and make the word worthy. It has a solo mode also where you can practice before facing the competition. This is the best time killing game with creativity.

#12 Anti Stress – – Anxiety Relief Relaxing Games Android

time killing games

In today’s rush life , it becomes very difficult for people to find time for themselves and due to stress they get sick too many a times. They need this powerhouse of games that contains a lot of mini games in ut which help you to get rid of stress in this free time.

#13 Toilet Time Android

toilet games

No matter how busy you are in your life work, but this toilet games can be played in a very short time with a lot of inbuilt mini games of toilet. You can also guess from their interface how their style of play is going to be in which these timepass games ko can be played at any short time.

#14 Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover Android

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Are there any of you who want to become makeup artists or who are fond of doing makeup? If yes, through this makeup game you will be able to fulfill all those types of wishes. In this, you will find many types of features in which you will be able to use all kinds of things with color, which are necessary for a makeup artist. It comes with best time Killing app genre.

#15 Meme Generator Free Android

time killing best games

There is hardly anyone who would not like to see Memes. Through this meme maker app you can make memes using thousands of types of images. You are able to make shayari and quatos too with this free time passing best app.


so this world top 15 time killing apps that are very useful in learning with entertainment. These best time passing application are considered as the best ways to kill time quickly.