Do you also like Automatic Things and Automatic Tasks?

So now with the help of this 2021 tasker App, automate all the works and tasks. This is one of the most popular tasker profile app 2021 for android over the world. Here is the app that will help you in setting up all the tasks in automation and will make you satisfy with its works and abilities to do any work. This is called tasker multiple tasks per profile also.

So Let’s Start automation with 30+ best tasker profiles 2021.

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Tasker Profile App

tasker profiles 2020

This is a task profiles app for Android in 2021: which will help you to complete your daily tasks correctly and successfully. If you have to adjust a task or have a system to complete it, then this task profile manager app 2021 will be of great benefit to you. This is the paid app for managing tasks for android.

This tasks profile app for android has been reached up to 46,141 ratings with love of its users, It got 4.4 stars out of 5, but most of the ratings were given to the fifth star as you can see on the play store, In view of this, the new updates are also constantly coming to it, so if you are having a problem then it will not be a problem right now.

This Tasker profile app for android is offered by joaomgcd and the size of the profile manager tool changes with the device, it comes with Varies size according to the compatible devices. This tasker app 2021 has been installed more than 1,000,000+ times on the play store So think that from how many stores this task operating app for android would have been downloaded apart from Playstore.

tasker profiles

[1] sleeping timer for device

best tasker profiles

Many of us would be used to listening to songs while sleeping in bed. And at the same time many times, we get sleepy and songs in the background keep on running, due to which the device’s battery is also discharged. So these tasker profiles and task adjuster app 2021 will help you in avoiding that problem. With this help, you will be able to set this time that the music will stop automatically after some time.


[1] Make a new task & press on the “+”
[2] Then go to the media section
[3] Then go to Media Controls and select the CMD
[4] Then stop button
[5] Then go to the tasker menu and bring the task timer widget to the home screen of the device
[6] And then link it to the task you created and choose the timer you created in the beginning

[2] Keep screen on while reading e-books

tasker 2020

Nowadays technology has advanced a lot, so nowadays people like reading books on smartphones. But the screen automatically turns off after a time and tapping on it repeatedly seems very lazy and irritating while reading your favorite books or magazines. But now tasker profiles will also be useful in solving your problem. These profile managing ideas for android will help you in this case also.


[1] Visit the profile and then on the application
[2] Choose E-BOOk section
[3] Select a new task
[4] Click on “+”
[5] Choose display and display time out
[6] Enhance the time out time as much you desire

[3] Turn your phone upside down while keeping it in silent mode

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Sometimes our smartphone begins to ring when we are in a meeting or in critical situations. Tasker profiles will solve this problem also as a paid app for managing tasks for android, by turning it upside down and your smartphone be silent.


[1] Come on the profile and then choose state.
[2] By going to the sensor select orientation.
[3] Then select face down.
[4] Press”+” after selecting a new task.
[5] go on the audio option and choose the silent option feature.
[6] Then choose vibrate that will prevent your device to ring.

[4] On flashlight with shaking phone

unique tasker profiles

Sometimes you need a flashlight as quickly as possible, but it takes time to see the app or flashlight option in the device settings. But this profile managing app has a free tasker profile 2021 will also help you in doing this task, flashing your phone will automatically turn on without any extra work by shaking your smartphone.


[1] But first of all you have to download the Tesla Led FlashLight.
[2] on the second step, visit profile and choose the event.
[3] Go to the shake option by pressing the sensor option.
[4] select next step as your convenience.
[5] Add new task & press”+”
[6] go on display and tap system lock.

[5] Emergency texts

best tasker profiles 2020

Many times, while attending a meeting or being busy in an event, there is less of a battery and you cannot even pick up all the calls. But this option of tasker profile for android will handle this task very easily like any of the other tasks in daily life as a task manager app for android.


[1] Make a profile
[2] Select the power option by going to the state.
[3] Choose your device’s battery between 0% to 5%.
[4] Select”+” by adding a new task.
[5] Navigate the phone and choose send SMS option.
[6]Select or enter the number of phone and type any message you want to send in critical times.

[6] Auto rotate apps when opening them

tasker best profiles

There are many apps that are skilled in doing the right and better work in landscape mode. so this tasker profile or task managing ideas for android will help you in this situation too.


[1] Make a new profile & choose application.
[2] Select your favorite app in which you want to automatically apply the auto rotate feature.
[3] Choose the “+” option by creating a new task.
[4] Then choose the display
[5] Select the option of auto rotate and make sure that it is confirmed.

[7] Read messages while driving

best tasker

First of all, it is illegal to use a phone while driving. And sometimes even at that time messages may keep coming, many of them are important for you. so this tasker profile or task adjusting app will help you in this too.


[1] Go to the Event option and select the received SMS by clicking on the phone option.
[2] Click on the car or home option by going to the application.
[3] CHoose “+” option bu adding a new task.
[4] Choose say option by selecting the Misc option.
[5] at the final step, enter SMS from %SMSRF: %SMSRB.

[8] Find the car location at lot

useful tasker profiles

Sometimes when you park a car in a crowded place and you have a problem in finding your car at the time of return, then that problem can also be solved with tasker profile or profile management ideas 2021 for android.


[1] Select your phone and keep holding it longer.
[2] Visit the media option now.
[3] select the new button at the upper right corner.
[4] Give a one-time option after naming to your widget.
[5] Find for GPS option, turn it on by choosing the Misc option.
[6] Then turn on the map by going to the application option.
[7] visit the mode and choose navigate and then provide longitude 7 latitude.

[9] Turn your phone’s brightness minimum in the morning.

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When we wake up in the morning, first of all, we like to see our phone. And as soon as you turn on the phone, its bright light proves harmful to our eyes. To avoid these problems our tasker profiles or task management app for phone is helpful in this situation.


[1] Go to time by going the context.
[2] Choose a time that is perfect for you.
[3] add”+” by creating a new task.
[4] Go on display option and then select the level of brightness to 0%.
[5] And, give a tap to the green button.

[10] Application lock

best tasker tasks

Nowadays, security and Privacy are the first names in all the tasks and needs. And by downloading Privacy apps, it would be better to download tasker profile app 2021 as a security guard app for android in 2021. This profile manager app for android will be very helpful in managing tasks in daily life. You all tasks about security will be managed by this profile adjuster app for smartphone.


[1] press”+” by going profile
[2] In application option lock those you want to lock.
[3] Select a new task and then the “+” option.
[4] select the lock option by navigating the display.
[5] make a strong password.

[11] Tasker Wi-Fi profile

tasker tasks

But the settings change when we leave. This can now be automated using the Tasker app. tasker profiles in 2021 will be very helpful as your personal assistant app for android. This profile managing app is so awesome as task controller app for smartphone.


[1] Turn on GPS.
[2] find a closer place to the wifi router.
[3] select wifi at home in profile.
[4] Go to location.
[5] Turn the internet on of yours
[6] Turn wifi off of yours
[8] make a new task with “+” option.
[9] Turn the wifi on.
[10] Then create a new task after this and choose the “+” option, but switch your Wi-Fi off.

[12] Switch your smartphone mute in the meetings.

cool tasker profiles

When you are in a meeting or a presentation, you will get very angry when your phone rings. To avoid this situation also these tasker profiles will be helpful for you.


[1] Go to the profile section.
[2] Click on the new option.
[3] Then go to state Option.
[4] Then in application, go to the calendar entry.
[5] Then change the availability to no.
[6] Click on the primary calendar.
[7] Then Done this.
[8] Create a new task now and press”+”.
[9] Go to audio settings.
[10] Choose the silent option.
[11] Click on done and back to the tasker page.

[13] Switch your 3G internet data connection on or off.

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Now you will not have to turn on or off 3G data by going to the phone settings again and again like every time. These tasker profiles will help you in this case too as a profile manager tool for android smartphone in 2021. Now do not be worried because of this routine managing app for android.


[1] Press & hold on the empty part on your screen.
[2] Find the tasker app when Widget appears.
[3] Go to the profile section.
[4] Select the 3G toggle task.
[5] Then save your new widget with a green checkmark.
[6] Then change the widget icon as you want.

[14] Instant lock your phone with shaking.


2020 tasker profiles

Locking the phone by pressing the button each time reduces the phone’s button working without the profile manager tool for android in 2021. And many times it happens that it is broken by pressing the buttons with a loud force, but now this will not happen with these tasker profiles 2021.


[1] Create a new profile.
[2] Then go to the events section.
[3] Chose the hit sensor.
[4] Then choose shake option.
[5] Then put in your preference.
[6] Then create a new task and add the “+” option.
[7] Click on the Display.
[8] Select the system lock.

[15] Enable GPS

2020 tasker profile

With the help of this tasker for 2021, you can also enable GPS.


[1] Go to the Tasker profile.
[2] Choose event here.
[3] Then go on Phone.
[4] Click on the received  SMS.
[5] Select the number.
[6] SEt the SMS as GPS on.
[7] Create new task.
[8] ADD “+”
[9] G to misc.
[10] Click on GPS.

[16] Wipe Your Data

tasker profiles 2020

If your phone is stolen or lost anywhere or at any time, this trick or this feature saves all the important and personal data collected inside your phone. This trick prevents all the important data on this phone from reaching others.


[1] Go on tasker profile
[2] Select event.
[3] Go to phone.
[4] Choose the received option.
[5] Create new task.
[6] Add”+” option.
[7] Choose the files.
[8] Go to the delete dictionary.

[17] Forwarding and blocking calls at night

tasker profile 2020

Sometimes even at night, unknown calls or any type of call can cause an obstruction in your sleep. Then to avoid this problem, today we will defend it with the help of this tasker profile for android.


[1] Go to tasker profile.
[2] select event.
[3] navigate to time.
[4] Adjust time between 00:00 and 7:00.
[5] Create a new task.
[6] Add “+” option.
[7] Choose phone options.
[8] Go to call divert and call blocking.

[18] Disable the screen lock when your camera is on

best tasker profiles

You can prevent your phone from being locked when the camera is on with this 2021 tasker profile for android.


[1] Go to the profile of tasker.
[2] Click on applications.
[3] Go to the camera.
[4] Create a new task.
[5] Add”+” option.
[6] Go to display option
[7] Set screen timeout for a higher rate.

[19] Deactivate keyguard at home

best tasker profile

It’s annoying to set a pattern every time at home, Then this 2021 profile tasker will help you like the profile manager android app.


[1] Go to profile
[2] Name it as the screen unlock at home.
[3] Add an event.
[4] Then add a state reference for nearby Wi-Fi
[5] Enter the SSID of your home and your office.
[6] Create a new task.
[7] Add”+” option.
[8] Then go to navigate.
[9] Choose the keyguard option
[10] Turn it off.

[20] Alert when someone tries to open your personal belongings

tasker best profiles

If you have any personal data on your phone, then you will get a Security features option in the tasker app for this, within which you will find many types of secrecy options. When someone tries to steal or retrieve your personal data, then this phone will beep to notify you.


[1] Create your profile.
[2] Go to application.
[3] Choose your apps.
[4] Create a new task.
[5] Set Action 1 to go to the home screen.
[6] Go to alert.
[7] Select the beep.

[21] Enabling key guard when you leave for home or office.

best tasker profiles 2020

This feature of the android tasker app gives you the facility that when you leave your home or office, this feature will automatically enabling key guard for you.


[1] Go on profile.
[2] Then add a Wi-Fi connected state context item.
[3] Create a new task.
[4] Go to the task.
[5] Select the keyguard and set it on.

[22] Build your phone

daily tasker proflies

These task operating app for android will provide your phone with some of the special abilities to do many things with more powers. This profile managing app will allow you to build your phone.


[1] Go to profile.
[2] Choose a new button.
[3] Select event.
[4] Click on the phone.
[5] Create receive SMS
[6] Type the desired number in both the message sections & the sender.
[7] Click on done.

[23] Alert on battery charge

daily tasker app

This tasker option will show you the performance of the battery like a profile manager app for android or battery manager for android when your phone’s battery is fully charged or low. This profile adjuster app will prevent the harmful effect due to the extra charging.


[1] Go to profile.
[2] Select event.
[3] Click on the power.
[4] hit on the battery full option.
[5] Adjust the battery limit according to your preference.
[6] Create a new task.
[7] Add”+” option.
[8] Then choose the alert and notification option.
[9] Then type disconnects your charger.
[10] It’s done.

[24] Applying random wallpapers.

needy tasker 2020

This tasker paid app has a feature that will automatically set you unique and new types of random wallpapers for your phone. This app can be used as the android wallpaper app and with the help of these task ideas 2021 you can access the wallpaper features also.


[1] Go to profile.
[2] Create a new task.
[3] Add”+” option.
[4] Name it Wallpaper Switcher.
[5] Then add it to the task section.
[6] Create a random image folder.
[7] Go to the script action.
[8] Then add the codes.
[9] After this set the codes.

[25] Turn on GPS or Wi-Fi for Maps automatically:

android tasker proflies

This tasker feature will allow the phone to turn on GPS wifi for the map automatically. With the help of this paid app for managing tasks for android, you are able to access some features of GPS & WIFI also. Because This tasker managing tool ideas are easy to use.


[1] Select new.
[2] Select applications.
[3] select maps.
[4] Create a new task.
[5] Add a suitable name.
[6] Go to Misc.
[7] Choose GPS.
[8] Set the GPS on.

[26] Saves battery

best android tasker profiles

This feature of the tasker profile will prove to be helpful in saving your phone battery, while your battery is constantly being spent. These android profile managing ideas for 2021 will be helpful in saving the battery too. This app can be used as a battery profile for android also.


[1] Go to profile.
[2] Select the state.
[3] Click on the power button.
[4] Choose the battery level.
[5] Choose the battery range when the profile is enabled.
[6] Create a new task.
[7] select”+” icon.
[8] Select the internet.
[9] Turn on mobile data, auto-sync, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi off.
[10] Done.

[27] Night mode

tasker 2020 profiles

This profile managing app provides a features of night mode too. With the help of this profile adjuster app for android, you can access to night mode features also within this tasker app.


[1] Go to profile.
[2] Press on “+” icon.
[3] Select the time limit as per your wish.
[4] Add a new task.
[5] Tap on “+” icon.
[6] Search audio.
[7] Go to silent mode.
[8] Turn it on.
[9] Go back to the created task.
[10] Turn on the internet.
[11] Switch off the Auto-sync and Wi-Fi.

[28] Launch apps in serial

ios tasker profiles

The task adjusting app for Android in 2021 will be helpful in launching apps according to you. This android task manager app 2021 contains some of the special abilities to launch the applications in a serial. This 2021 profile manager app for android is the key to change the way of playing music.


[1] Go to profiles
[2] Select the “applications” option.
[3] Choose the first app you want to open.
[4] Create a new task.
[5] Press on “+” icon.
[6] Click on the App.
[7] Launch App.
[8] Now choose another app you want to open.
[9] Long press on another app.
[10] select the option of Move to exit.

[29] Play music when the headset is not plugged in

iphone tasker proflies

Do you also want to be more advanced? Do you also want to plug in your headphones and the songs start playing automatically? After this task adjusting app for Android in 2021, whenever you plug in your headphones, the songs will automatically start. with the help of this paid task manager app for android, you are able to play music in just a unique style.


[1] Go to profile.
[2] Choose state.
[3] Choose “hardware”
[4] Click on “headset plugged” followed by “Any.”
[5] Create a new task.
[6] Tap on “+”.
[7] Press on the app.
[8] Launch the app.
[9] Click on your music player app

[30] Morning Weather

free tasker rpoflies

This feature of the paid tasker App 2021 will give you information like an android weather notification app 2021, where is the high temperature: and where is low. This paid profile adjuster android app will help you in this case also.


[1] Go to the profile tasker.
[2] Click a new task.
[3] Change the HTTP.
[4] Enter address details of city and state.
[5] Get the weather whenever you want.


So these were the android tasker profiles by which you can use to make your phone more powerful with some of the special tasker abilities in 2021. By downloading this paid android profile manager 2021, you can also use your phone for more tasks that will work according to you.