In today’s world, everyone would love to play video games in which a category is named Horror video games for ps4 which is very popular video series Gaming in 2020. Because in the horror games you also get a mixture of action, adventure, thrill and a variety of other categories. This does not make a person bored while playing those best ps4 video games.
You must have seen many types of horror movies in which such stories are told along with such characters and Locations, so People are shocked to see that many such horror ps4 games have also been made on the basis of movies. People who like playing horror games for ps4, today I have brought for you such top 15 horror games in 2020.
So Lets Get Started.

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1. Resident Evil 2 Download

So let’s start with the first and best horror game of today called Resident Evil 2. This game is based on the many types of resident evil series and movies. Seeing the popularity of this playstation horror game, a company called Capcom launched it. The game’s camera angles have received a lot of attention from its developers and engineers. So that people can take even more realistically, you will hardly have seen any other place shown in this realistic playstation game horror. so many kind of features shown in you will rarely be able to get in the other ps4 2020 games and it can hardly touch your mind and come back. You will definitely like to keep it in your favorite list as well as you will be playing this, the role of this game will be that a police officer and a college student will help the whole city from the effects of the zombies. This game will be played according to third person perspective game and many Google player have liked this playstation horror video game 2020 very much, then you should definitely try playing it once and there is no shortage in this fear videogame. If you play this one of the best game for ps4, then you will know all the characteristics better than here.2. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan DownloadThe name of the second playstation video game is called The Dark Pictures, and like on the Earth Everyone has their different specialities like them all games have their different features. Thus, this traditional horror game ps4 also has many different types of features, which will be known perfectly only after playing. This game has been created by a company called Supermassive Games. This game can also be played according to first person shooter game play, this game can be played in single player mode game and online multiplayer game ps4 mode as well. It’s up to you to think through the character’s heart or mind. Eight other types of series of this horror survival game ps4 have also been made. But this is the best super Horror game among them all. In this traditional playstation 4 game, the story line of this video playstationgame will run on your actions and your decision, so keep in mind that the creator of this game is you and you also end up this game. Now the 2020 ps4 games are one new genere of gaming world so it on you to choose uo your perfect for you . Give it atleast one try and see the enjoyment of playing such an awesome genere games on ps4. It will show its extra specialties in it so now dont fear and get you game right now.3. Dying Light 2 DownloadThe next best horror game for PS4 is named Dying light 2. Though the game is Dying Light, the game has not yet been released. But I have added it to the list too because of its features, because this game is going to bring many different features. That is why this have been published by a company called Techland and its fan following is also continuously increasing, mainly to see first person perspective in this game and it is one of the best action role playing game for ps4 in 2020.After Dying Light, it follows some 15 year role. So their main thing is that you will be able to play the lead character in it through many types of skills because it will be a person with many types of skills and extra skills, which will bring many kinds of technical skills that more other like sliding, jumping, fighting, running and many more.To make this one of the best ps4 fantasy game more exciting, you may wish that if you like to play with many friends then this feature is also available in this super ps4 role action game. Through this you will be able to play the role of 4 players simultaneously and the developers of this game have made its lead character very good which will not disappoint you at all.4. Resident Evil: Revelations DownloadYou must have seen the game series and movies named Resident Evil, you must have heard about their property, then it is worthy of coming in the top 10 best ps4 horror games in 2020, the main feature of this playstation4 Horror game is that in this you can front your war against terror. You may not necessarily have to fight as a human rival, it may also be a Deadly virus that has sent the entire ocean. This game features of single player mode and multiplayer mode also that are characteristics of many of the game that will show you later, after the play, its developers paid a lot of attention at the graphics of this game. So that this game instead of disappointing people, they get more entertainment.After selecting the singleplayer mode within this ps4 evil game you will get a chance to solve a variety of episodes and puzzles, while playing this playstation4 action game you may get to see the kind of scenarios that ghost ships have in the underwater. so this game is truly a horror PS4 role action plane game.5. The Sinking City DownloadThe fifth ps4 horror game is titled The sinking City, set in 1920 as an exploration of the fictional city of Oakmont. The main role of this ps4 city game will be that in this action ps4 game you will get to see many types of scenarios that you have seen in any other game, with the role of a private investigator in this game and with many other features. Its story is going to be very interesting. Talking about game play, many types of such graphics have been described in this game, Those who have seen very rarely in other games, a lot of attention by the developers and engineers on settings of the game for PlayStation 4 to make sound quality and good performance and synergy of thie amazing ps4 game of Horror.The game is published by a company called frigwares and name of main character is Charles w Reed.The main character goes out in search of him due to the tarifying visions effects of the halting flood. At the same time he sets out in search of the effect of the terifying demolition. The player of this game has to be very conscious as it has to find many types of clues to pass puzzles that are not easy. So it may be the one of the best action adventure game for ps4 in 2020.Although this game does not offer multiplayer modes, but the single player mode of this game is also very good, with storylines are worth playing. This is a open world ps4 game also because here in this you can exolore mamy types of actions.6. Blair WitchThe next name is Blair Witch, a game based on a variety of events in a movie called Blair witch Talking about the game play of this ps4 stunning game, this game consists of the main role of the policeman who has set out on his mission in search of a missing child. Therefore, you will also be able to find many such clues with which you will be able to complete the search of that child as soon as possible. In this, you have to remember well that the child has to be saved on time, otherwise you will lose.This is also the first person player PS4 Game in 2020. If you like such adventure and investing games for ps4 then this could be your best choice. Maybe after playing this game, you should also include it in the list of top 10 favorite games for ps4, so give it a try.7. Resident Evil 3 DownloadIf you have seen the series of Resident Evil movies of all types till date, then you must play this one of the most horror ps4 game in 2020 because the feature shown in this awesome playstation game is going to be a mixture and description of all the games and series. Talking about the game play of this 2020 ps4 action game, in this you have to protect yourself from the common people due to side effects from the zombies, in this game better camera angles and thanks have been made better than other games. The engineer of this game has made many such types of bugs in the year. Which first made it better in the middle to make the game even better, its sound quality and performance are so great. Maybe after playing this you get addicted to it and keep playing it, this game is going to entertain rather than disappoint you. In this game you will get multiplayer mode on single. The two will play together. This is a game published by Capcom.8. Daymare: 1998Today’s Top 15 Best PS4 Horror Games in 2020 list names the Daymare as the eighth game in the list. By the name, you can think about its effects and characters. This playstation survival game is not very old so that is why I have added this game to today’s list, seeing its fan followings and likes. This game is made with very good graphics and camera angles. Small bugs have been fixed in this one of the best ps4 horrible game. So that this game does not make people disappoint at all, it is a single player mode PS4 game and this game can be played with a third person perspective. This game uses stinging official graphics. People like it very much. The story of this game will bring you an impression that you may be addicted after playing.If you are looking for a survival action adventure game for PS4, then maybe it becomes your best choice, then try it once.9. Hunt: Showdown DownloadHunt showdown is one of the best horror games for PS4. This game is set in the 19th century when it comes to the game play of this game. you will see many types of monsters destroying the world, against whom you will have to fight a war to save humanity. In this shooter game for ps4 game you can see this type of monsters which you have rarely seen in a movie. It is a best first person shooter survival game for ps4. This playstation horrible game only features single player mode. Awesome type of graphic will be shown in this playstation fantastic game, which will make you very shocked by seeing that the special thing of this game is that the developers of this game have made the sound emanating from its weapons and the graphics related to them are fantastic. So you should try this game.10. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard DownloadWithout the Resident Evil 7 in the series of Resident Evil, this list cannot be completed, it is a real action game for ps4. instead of a horror game, of ps4, the role of this game will be that main character will be in the search of his wife on his mission. The main thing of this game is that it has demonstrated good controls. It has also improved the realistic graphics sound quality. So that people can entertain rather than disappoint. While advancing in this game, you will find many types of obstacles in your path, such as crossing the puzzles amd fights which you have to keep moving forward in this game. Because the coward never looks back in this game. So make the unbreakable records and be the one of the best player of this super action playstation 2020 game. It will not make you bore. You should try it once to get the whole entertainment of this game for PlayStation.11. Until Dawn DownloadThe 11th game in today’s list is called until dawn, which is going to have a very mysterious story. The role of this leading ps four game will be that in this you will find 8 youth who are trying their best to save their lives, And are doing everything to Struggle, this game has good controls, good graphics and great sound quality. So that this game can entice people, while playing this awesome horror genere game for ps4, you will keep in mind that this playstationgame is not going to be as easy as you think it is, one step of you can change the story line of your entire game ps4 horror. The entire story of this ps4 fear game will be based on your actions and choices. One of your feet can take you to death and can even cross the game, so be aware that you will have to pay a lot of attention to play this game. This is a leading PS4 horror game for PS4 in 2020.12. Outlast DownloadThis game named Outlast as the twelveth game. This game has become famous due to its Atmosphere Horrible Settings Fears scenes and different types of scenarios. In this game you have to investigate a mysterious refugee with a psychiatrist. In this game it is not what you think and it is always what you never thought. If you are a good player then you will never look back in this game because the cowards always look back. You Will be able to make a record and prove yourself be the best in this one of the most best horror ps4 game.13. The Evil Within DownloadThis game called The Evil within comes at thirteenth place of the list of top 15 horror games for ps4 2020. The specialty of this playstation4 game will be that it has ended up in the midst of a variety of terrifying characters. And you will also have to participate in the same race. There will be many types of members in this game too, which you might have played in other games because every game has its own unique feature, which we know only after playing that game. It keeps happening, so you will keep moving forward continuously, you will keep crossing every mission that comes in this game. Which may be very terrible, so you should play this game once, it may also be worthy of your favorite list of ps4 games of 2020. It is a third person horror survival game also.14. Layers of fear DownloadThis game called Layers of fear comes in 14th place which is the second last game of today’s list of best 15 Horror ps4 games. You can also guess from the name of this game that there is going to be a different type of fear in every stage. As this game you will pass each stage. A different type of scenario at every level which is going to be very scary. You will come in front of this game, even this kind of puzzle emulations will keep coming, which you have to cross continuously without fear. So you will get it especially after playing with it, even if it is not very popular but it will not embarrass your 2020 games of PS4 at all, then you must also play this game once, maybe you will like it very well, and may be you git Addicted of this ps4 puzzle game .15. Silent Hill DownloadThis is the last game in the list of top 15 best horror PS4 games of today. Which is named Silent Hill, so you will get to see all the main features of game, which should be in a horror game for PlayStation. In this game, you may have various horror events that you may or may not like, it depends on you. Whether you run away from those fear or face those challenges and keep moving forward in this one of the most horrible game for 2020.