Since I was a little kid. I love watching all those movies named Harry Potter. In which a small child turns around his magic wand and gets a chance to explore many types of interesting things and the world. I also like to get those sticks. But this is not possible because it is only an image nary world and we are living in a true religion world. But through magic games, all those desires have to be fulfilled.Many types of players related to my ideology will be the same today, who will be crazy about this Harry Potter game, they also have to use those sticks and load many types of thanx text. But he is unable to find the games because he gets caught in the trap of fake games available in the market which constantly confuse him. So today I have brought you the top 10 Harry Potter games 2020 . Which will not disappoint you at all. All these games made with high graphics will show you a different world view and provide good feeling.This magical game 2020 will give you absolutely realistic feeling because in this Harry Potter game you will get to see many types of relationships that were in all the Harry Potter movies, which are very famous in Hollywood today. So don’t wait too much, take your phone out of pocket and start playing and downloading these top ten Harry Potter games. You may find out some facts in this game which other players do not know.

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1. Harry potter: hogwarts mystery Android / iPhone

Any Android Gaming platform does not discriminate with i phones. This game will be equally available for both, whose link is given in the Title. This Harry Potter game is made with very good graphics and great storylines. In this game too, you will get a chance to serve against the evil powers by driving your magic wand. There will be many types in it, who will make every effort to kill you and thwart your mission, but you will also have to use your magic powers and wisdom skills with a stick because only magic does not help you. At what time, you will have to destroy the evil forces using which caste, this magical powers games is very good to play, which I myself play and Very good response from people. It Plays its role in today’s list of best Harry Potter 2020 games.2. Harry potter: wizards unite Android / Iphone

Good numbers fall once under the influence of evil forces, but ultimately the victory is true. Similarly, in this Harry Potter Magic World game also, the memory of people, the Magical World and the people themselves, have also come under crisis due to the influence of evil forces. You have to save all that is required of you by using your magic powers and the magic. This High ranking games has all the responsibilities placed on you. This is a good hydro graphic game. And is made with good features. It uses good real-time physics as well as sound quality. So that people have a lot of fun playing. This is an entertainment play that will not let you feel disappointed at all. While playing in it you will find that its storyline is very well made. People have liked it so much because of its good influence, people appreciated it with Gold Ratings.

3. Ultimate harry potter trivia Android / Iphone

This Harry Potter trivia game will give a challenge to the knowledge of those who claim to be huge fans of Harry Potter. In today’s world, everyone has a lot of good feeling in their mind to see and do many types of interesting things. So they like Harry Potter 2 very much as well as his magic wand which causes all kinds of magic, in this game you will get a chance to know and tell many types of such interesting facts if you are right a Harry Potter fan. In this, you will get to see a variety of good graphics and 3D environment which you have hardly seen in any other trivia game.

4. Patronus harry potter quiz Android

This ultimate Harry game has a good story line. In which you will be attending a ceremony in a house. Where you will get to see many types of secrets with interesting mysteries and secret, which you will enjoy very much, in this game you can get a chance to find your guardian too. And this game is made with good graphics and 3D quality, which is quiz games. If you know everything about games Harry Potter, then do not miss the chance to challenge this game and prove it thta you are huge fan of Harry Potter series games.

5. Harry potter wizard quiz: u8q Android

I think this is going to be one of the best Question games. In which you will have a test which will tell you how good a Harry Potter fan is or whether you are making a false claim. This is an Android multi special game. In which you will be asked all the questions related to many types of Harry Potter and which happened in the Harry Potter movie in Hollywood movies. So now sit calmly and get ready to answer all those questions because any question can be taken from any movie in this 2020 Harry Potter games.


If you are searching for the herry pottar games and it is the last destination of your aim here are the top 5 Harry Potter games 2020. Don’t forget to leave your comments.