If you also want to do the professional work of music creator and clearly perceiving attitude, mixing, writing, making or learning music easily, then you should download these ear training apps. it’s very important and most trending apps. So please use it once time. Through these applications, the quality of recording your audio will look very good.

Tools are very important for doing every task. These apps for ear training teaches you to use new listening features. And you know that the hardest thing is listening. It develops the effective capacity of your hearing.

ear training apps

#1 Quiztones  Android / ios

ear training android app

This is the top-grossing ear training app. The hearing capacity of the ear increases. The frequency of this app is difficult to gain. And the functional listening ability is very useful. This proves to be very beneficial for performing sound songs for sound creators and sound engineers.

General specification
  • ‌It works on the ‘search and destroy’ system
  • Able to create a mixture of sound system

#2 Tenuto  Android / ios

ear training app android

This is an all-round ear training app. Guitarists are very profitable. I tell you with the challenge that this app for ear training will help you in improving your sound perception. You can create a great level of beat with it. You should download this app without any delay. You can Tenuto download from Google play store or costs $ 3.99 in the Apple app store. used for ear training apps iphone.

General specification
  • An all-round ear training app
  • Better Listening apps for you

#3 EarMaster Android / ios

best ear training app

This is the oldest and most effective training app for the ear. For this reason, it creates a lot of classical training and correct music. Its goal is to perform traditional musicianship. You can use it as a recorder. And its performance comes to the highest number inside the music world. it’s an android ear app for training.

General specification
  • ‌ It is currently at version 7
  • University of London and Berklee College of music have awarded this

#4 Teoria Android / ios

ear training apps 2020

All the researchers have described this app as having the most popularity. Perfect articles can be written in this ear training best app with five rankings. It has benefits for the ears and is used in the exercise of harmonic function. Teoria is very effective and fast in identifying exercises.

General specification
  • ‌Essential ear apps for training
  • Best useful for musicians and sound engineers

#5 TrainYourEars  Android / ios

best ear training app

It is the best inside all the best ear training apps in the market. It has a new ability by which. The weak spot of your year tries to make it in better condition. Frequency does something for your brain workout and to strengthen your ability to listen. It starts the task of generating perception skills development and fast hearing capacity.

General specification
  • ‌It’s an essential ear app for training
  • It develops your EQ level

#6 Soundgym Android ios

android ear training apps

It’s a perfect Sources for the sound engineer and Soundgym is very interested and effective app of ear training for you. It provides an extensive sound location. You are able to gain different EQ levels From this app. It analysis your Problems and solved immediately. it has provided 8644 learning points and 38 workouts, 456 games, and also provides Best audio education.

General specification
  • ‌It’s a better and faster learning app
  • iPhone ear apps for training ear apps 2020

#7 MyEarTraining Android / ios

pro ear training app

You can increase the EQ quality of the ear very well by this. Its running quality is very nice. The specific features cost money. And you need to refresh the daily exercise every 24 hours. ascending and descending feature has also been used. This ear training 2020 app is available for both Android and iOS.

General specification
  • ‌Refresh every 24 hours
  • ‌It has specific features that cost money

#8 Good-Ear.com Android / ios


iphone ear training apps

This app is the best to date. And this is the best ear training app. It only comes within apps that work on accessible browser devices. It has been used by sound engineers for many years. I think this is android ear apps for training. You will not get a better ear training platform than this. Good app for you too.

General specification
  • ‌It looks quite basic but is completely free
  • Easy to use
  • Nice interface

#9 EarPlugins Android / ios

professional ear training apps

It is a VST plugin, not an app. It is great for teaching frequency training. This only serves to coded MS Visual Studio from inside the window. By this, you can do your professional work. It is designed for public use. it’s the Best iPhone ear app for training.

General specification
  • ‌It is available only for windows
  • Stereo for 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating system

#10 Functional Ear Training Android / ios

ear training best apps

This is very important for sound creators. And this will represent the quality of your music composition better. And proper grip over your ears and also works to boost your music. Users have shown it with good ranking and views.

General specification
  • ‌you can play a tone without notes just by hearing it
  • ‌It is available on play store and others

#11 Perfect Ear- Music Theory, ear and rhythm training  Android / ios

ear training best apps

This very compact ear training app can be used for Android and IOS. It treats you very friendly. You have to buy this app to run it for free. It’s an android ear training app. You can download it without and issues of payment because it is fully free of cost app for ear training.

General specification
  • ‌It is a value for money app
  • It is free but has in-app purchases

#12 Complete Ear Trainer Android / ios

ear training best app

It is very inventively designed. And this ear training app is for both android and ios. It is designed for entertainment learning and works as a video game. All its fun and unique tutorials are present.

General specification
  • ‌Unique intro tutorial to help you
  • with the process
  • It comes from training ear apps list

#13 Piano Ear Training Free Android / ios

ear training apps 2020

It can run on both Android and ios and it looks quite effective. It is interesting to make a game and it is a lot of fun to learn. The keyboard will prove to be very useful for the player. I consider this best one pick from the list.

General specification
  • android ear training apps
  • ‌Its special attraction is the chord
  • identification challenge

#14 Solve Android / ios

ear training apps ios

It can be used on the web, android, and ios. The use of this application is also very friendly. It can be used very easily. It has been created with a very special color theme.

General specification
  • ‌This app is available on the web, Android and iOS
  • Identification of many things, like intervals and chords

#15 DAW Android

guitar tuning apps

It is the most transcription among the best ear training apps launched in the market. Its strategy proves to be the best for newcomers. Play songs can be done by this. And it is more effective for ear listening.

General specification
  • ‌Play the songs at a 50% slower rate
  • ‌It enables you to download a song


So, friends, you have learned that through these 15 ear training apps in 2020, you can strengthen the quality and listening ability of your ear. I think all these apps work well and you must use them. So thanks for Looking page.