Do you also like to play Battles Royale Games for Android? So here in this today’s post, I m gonna show a list in which you will get to play them with high ranking and high graphics. Here you will get to see player unknown battlegrounds in these games.

In today’s world of games, people need thrill, action, adventure, and war and battle royale games contain; these all categories. Now no more search anywhere for these games. Battle royale games are becoming very popular nowadays because fans of the battle royale genre are increasing constantly.

So better than spoiling the time and time, let’s get started with battle royale games in 2020 or upcoming battle royales.

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#1 pubg Android

So come the first place is PUBG that is the most popular battle royale game of 2020. If you take another look at the ratings of this game, then it has given more than 24,353,960 people ratings, It is also given 4.4 stars out of 5 too and this battle Royle game for android in 2020 has been downloaded more than 100,000,000+ times on the play store. This game is offered by Tencent Games. This game contains player unknown battlegrounds also in this. This game has been awarded by Golden Joystick Award for its 2018 Mobile Game of the Year. This surviving game for android has a lot of extra things in it. To play this game you will first need a good internet connection. This thrills-filled game also plays its special role in the list of Battle Royal genre.

You have seen the name of this game being famous, the whole world has seen that a great Battle Royal game. However, you will be able to play this game on many stations and platforms besides Android. You will get to see many types of modes in it, in which many types of optional features are also available. If we talk about the graphics of this game, then this game made with the top most graphics. The game’s sound system and real-time physics commanded a lot of attention so that its players also experience real life. It comes with realistic 3D animations. This war game android will test your abilities. Now build royale here.

In this game you will first be landed from a plane, through parachute, you will have to start killing your enemies as soon as you get down. As soon as you see any house or any buildings, you will have to go and collect the weapons for surviving till the end. You can also play by forming a team in which if you win the same 4 players in the last, then some of your skills will be increased as an award and you get a chicken dinner.

#2 Call Of Duty Android

The Call of Duty game for Android was recently launched. This is the most popular battle royale after PUBG, which people gave 65,72,006 ratings with much love. This war game for Android also has been installed more than 50,000,000+ times on the play store with 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. This free survival game for android in 2020 is offered by Activision Publishing, Inc. This battle royal game 2020 cannot be played without an internet connection.

If we talk about its great graphics and sound quality, then it will be seen to match the whole real life. You may have to fight a battle with robots in this game. player unknown battlegrounds are here in these games. This game is very smooth to play. There are very good controls in this game. This is a very good sound system game: In which real-life matching sounds have been inserted. And in this diamond graphic game, very spectacular real time buildings and many other objects and creations have been inserted. You have to stay till the end of this game like gangster game 2020. Now the genre is to build royale.

In this game also, you will have to live life like a survivor, in which you will be made to land on land through a plane. That plane will be filled with 100 people, then like the previous game PUBG, you will have to collect the weapons from the houses and buildings and kill the people and live your life. This high ranking will consist of very good and beautiful real time bombs guns and weapons which will give a new catch to the game. So just download this war game of 2020 and create new records and show everyone that you are the real winner.

#3 Rules of Survival Android

In today’s post, this game of 2020 comes in the third place named Rules of Survival. The game has been rated 1,759,246 times by people so far and has got 3.9 stars out of 5 with more than 50,000,000+ installs on the play store. This Battle Royale Game 2020 is offered by NetEase Games. New updates of this game keep coming, and this game is also a very good Royal Battle game like other war games in 2020 for android. The era has become to build royale now. Now be able to play on the player unknown battlegrounds through this game.

Now let’s talk about the gameplay and revives of this game. According to its lover, this game displays a very good quality game for android. The game’s organizers used its real-time motion, real-time physics, such as gravity walking, dying, blood effects, or any sound that was too much from a creature to look very great to play. In this game too, you will get to see the missions like other battle games for android, maybe some parts of this royal game 2020 match any other best survival game in 2020. This is an addicting game in 2020.

You must serve in the rules of survival until the end. They are constantly advancing in the game. You are given a large area in the laws of existence. You will get about 6 maps in this game, according to which you can choose according to your choice. Then you have to survive by killing people till the end. You will have guns, bombs, and many more deadly assassins. And in this war android game 2020, you can get many different types of missions or many different types of scenes.

#4 Free fire Android

It still maintains its name in the list of the most famous Battle Royale Games in 2020. Garena Free Fire: Winterlands game is available here for android and iPhone. People’s Love rated this Best War game 39,795,568 times, with 4.3 stars out of the 5 with more than 100,000,000+installs on the play store. This action game for android and action game for the iPhone is also being played by people in very large quantities. The visuals and new updates of this adventure game will make you, even more, addicted to playing this every time. This is the time to be in the build royale genre.

If we look at the design of this game then we will know that the developers of this game made it very well. This game has real sound effects whether it is from a gunshot, whether it is due to a bomb explosion, or the movement of the air. or the falling someone, or any other movement and real time sound effects. become a master while playing for player unknown battlegrounds on this game platform. The developers of this game have given great attention to its physics such as falling gravity, running up, squatting and jumping and any of the other activities too. This best battle royale game 2020 is loved by many people.

All you 50 players on 1 island for 10 minutes, and you have to survive to the top player and be the winner. The drones will be watching over you and you have to escape from all the troubles: or you are the winner by announcing the war, it will all be in your hands. Here and there, the enemies will fight with you by playing life on you and you will get to kill everyone using your gun, bombs, knife and skill of mind with a unique strategy. It also holds its own position in the world of strategy games for android and iPhone.

#5 Survival Squad Android

This royale game battle is made by Shenzhen Bingchuan Network Co., Ltd. This game has 8.1 stars out of 10 if it is downloaded from the platform of here is the newly updated version of this game. This is an awesome spectacular fighting game of 2020. One of the great things about this game is that: Like other games, this game is not very big in size, but in small size, you will be playing a very good Battle Royal game. Now even if your phone is not very big: you will still be able to play this unknown battleground game.

If we talk about the graphics of this high graphic game, then in this survival game you will get to see very clear graphics quality. In this war game too, it is done very well in real-time physics such as gravity, motion, height, depth, running, getting up, sitting, hitting Or many other real-life rules and principles. In order to make the quality of play even better in this game, its engineers have paid a lot of attention to its sound quality such as any voice on any movement, sound of any shot, bomb sound on explosives, or the sound of helicopter or enemy sounds. Here in this strategy game for 2020, you will get to see many types of actions and thrills.

Within this 2020 open world game, you will also see a platform like Pubg, where you will have to descend and serve until the end of your life. In this android high graphic game also you will have to kill your enemies, to die you will get many types of guns and bombs which you can also use to protect yourself. Along with this, you will also have to face many types of enemies, by defeating which you will become the winner of the game. This fully action game for android will also be like an open world game in which you have to live your life and find food to satisfy your hunger and thirst. This game has been created by Pap and this game has been downloaded more than 1 million times and the ratings of this battleground game are also positive.


So these were the 5 High Ranking games, or else, the Battle Royale Games, by which you will become crazy after playing them. These unknown battleground game 2020 will make you surprise with thrill and action.