Best 2021 Android Games Under 2 GB

If you like to play android games under 2GB, then today I have brought you the list of such android games 2021 which will have arcade action-adventure on all kinds of fighting shooting missions and all the features of these 2021 best android games below 2GB that You can easily download from the given links, so let’s get started.

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#1 Human Fall Flat Android

2gb under games android

In the list of 2021 2GB android games, the first 2021 android game under 2 gb is named Human Fall Flat game which is not a free game in the list of top 2021 android games under 2GB, although it is very good to play the game but you have to pay some money to play this. This 2021 android 2gb game has been downloaded more than 1 million wards and 10000 Google users have liked this game according to their interest.

Talking about the size of this game, it will allow you to play around 430 MB. The role in this game will be that the puzzle will be constantly coming in front of you, and you keep solving them continuously, one puzzle solves the other puzzle will come in front of you. The puzzles will keep moving forward one by one after solving, you can consider it as a best 2021 game for android in 2021 also. As you go through the puzzles in it, the doors for you will be opened for you in game as the next puzzle android. In this game you have to keep moving forward continuously so that all the levels can be crossed as quickly as possible.

#2 Call Of Duty Android

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You must have heard about the Call of Duty game for android, where it comes to fighting, shooting, action and war android games, then quality is always playing its primary role and trying to get the top spot in this game, in this game you have a lot of shooting fighting action adventure. War and many types of war related features and conditions will be seen, therefore I will meet you with more than 50 people together Fight with guns from bombs and other weapons that will be the winner in the end. It will be awarded. In this game you have to keep going and keep killing the others. This game came long ago for console and call of duty PC game but now it Has also been launched for COD Android version. These types of games are very much liked by people nowadays. This game is made with very good graphic, so it can also be called a high-ranking game. This is Android Online 2021 game which is absolutely free

#3 Life is Strange Android

android best games under 2gb

Now let’s move towards the third graphics game called Life is Strange which comes in the lots of Games Under 2GB for Android 2021. This is a one of the best story based android game. The size of this game is about 1.1 GB, you will see this game has been downloaded more than 100000 times. It has come for PC console gaming long ago but now this game has got a lot of people Keeping an eye on the choice, the life is strange Android version 2021 has also been released. In this game you have to play the main role of a girl who will be solving many different puzzles and riddles as you solve the new ones, you will get many other types of puzzles games in this. Keep moving forward so that you keep getting new puzzles games for android and cross the level. This game will be very enjoyable for you. This android offline story based game is also the best 2021 game. This will not disappoint you.

#4 Grid Autosport Android

android game under 2gb

The name of our fourth game is Grid Autosport but this game will not be given to you to play for free, you will have to pay a little price to play this game. It lists in 2GB Under Games for Android. In this game you have to race in this. It can be The best racing game in 2021.If you are a racing enthusiast then you must definitely try it because there will be many types of missions tournament trophies. You can also face many obstacles in the game because many types of interruptions are encountered while driving, the obstacles automatically arise from them you have to protect the car and keep it moving continuously.In this, you will get to use different types of cars, using which you can do tournaments with different countries, there are many different types of challenges in this, which you have won many records by crossing this game. Good sound quality and realistic physics have been used so that this game can give you pleasure. This game has been downloaded more than 10000 wards. That is a good racing Android 2021 game.

#5 Pubg Android

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The name of our fifth game is Pabg, you must have heard its name if you have a smartphone, then you must play this rpg iPhone game, it has become the most discussed game nowadays, this game was published by Tencent Company. This game is constantly maintaining its name, it is the top game in the list of under 2GB games, this game has used a lot of great graphics. Its physics has been improved and the sound quality being told in it is much better. The story of this android best game 2021 is that you will be landed on a plane in this game with 100 players and you will get gun weapons from the houses and Many other types of necessary equipment have to be collected and everyone has to be killed. You can also make a team by landing in that team. There should be four players in this team game. Switch to have a Red Zone area in which you live in and ultimately who will win in the last will be the winner and you will get a chance to chicken dinner is a free Android online game.

#6 Minecraft Android

2020 android games under 2 gb

The name of the sixth game is Minecraft which is a very famous American game. This game seems like a cartoon game but it is not a cartoon game at this time. This game has been downloaded more than 10 million times and its daily usage is one million. In this way, it is a much better and higher-ranking Android and iPhone game. In this game, you have to collect items of the needy and build your houses. so Survive to keep you moving ahead in this game. This one is a popular game by Mojang. The game has got 4.1 stars rating out of five on the Play Store. This game has been very much discussed. This game is a better game Under 2GB list.

#7 Bully Anniversary Android

best android games under 2 gb

The name of the seventh android open-world game is Bully Anniversary, which is the seventh game in an android Games Under 2GB list. This game has been published by Rockstar Company. The story of the game is that you will find a school. In school, you will play the role of a student and the name of the student will be a bully. In this game you have to make friends one by one and kill your enemies with different moves, you constantly keep moving him and it depends on what you will be the winner or loser.
In this popular 2021 game, you have to continuously kill your enemies using many types of guns and weapons. This game is very good. This game has a rating of 3 out of five stars on the Play Store. This game is downloaded 500000 times.

#8 Getting Over It Android

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The eighth game in the list of Android Games Under 2GB is called Getting Over It is a fun great game. The story of this game is that you will be seen as a fantasy character. In this game, that character will be locked in a mat. The mat will be outside and half of it will be inside the mat and you have a hammer with the help of which you have to keep moving forward and there are many different missions. To talk about the size of this game, you will get it around 124 MB, as its new updates keep coming up, there may be a slight increase in Size. This is a popular and high graphics 2021 game for android. This is not a free Android game, you will be happy the more you cross the levels of the special game, this game is not as easy as you are thinking, you have to pay some price to play this game, this game will fill you with entertainment and it Will not let you down.

#9 Limbo Android

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this is the ninth game in the list of Android Games Under 2GB named Limbo. The special feature of this game is that you have to run continuously in it, there will be many types of missions and puzzles that you have to overcome as you cross your missions. The next levels will open for you. This game is not very big, so it can be easily downloaded, this game does not come in the list of paid android games, so it free of cost game that you can pick up easily and download it as a high Android graphic free games.


So they are the top nine games under 2 GB as you want. Here in this top 9 picks you will get to access fighting, Survival, mission, and many more categories. Do not forget to give your valuable comments.