You are also among those people who have to walk the gadget while traveling on the airplane. You know that if you do not get an internet connection inside the airplane, then you can use these airplane mode apps. It is very fun to walk.

You already know that if you travel for a long time, you do not like to read full-time books. Therefore, you get these 15 best airplane apps through which you can get a better travel experience.

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airplane mode app

You can have a better experience with this Minecraft Pocket Edition during your long journey. This is the best app ad airplane mode app with you can enjoy the fun while playing. Through this timepass app for airplane mode, you can stay connected with your friends even when you are traveling by plane.

General Specification
  • ‌Explore your creativity during long flights
  • ‌very perfect in traveling Time

#2 POCKET Android / iPhone

airplane mode apps

You can use this pocket app on both iPhone and Android, you can also run it with airplane mode app. By this you can keep all the school lectures, videos, etc. for later viewing. There is a usable timepass app for all people.

General Specification
  • doesn’t require internet connection
  • best time passing app for airplane

#3 INFLIGHTO  Android / iPhone

best airplane mode app

If you are flying at a height of thousands of feet, then you would have come to mind what your location is. At that time you can use the INFLIGHTO application. When you are in airplane information about your design your desired topic about location. Thud is the best GPS app for airplane travel time.

General Specification
  • it requires GPS
  • this is your their exact location

#4 AUDIBLE Andorid / iPhone

best airplane mode apps

If you want to read the book in the night without disturbing the person inside the flying airplane, then this airplane app is best for you. This is the AUDIBLE airplane mode app. This app is very Best for Book Lovers.

General Specification
  • present require internet connection
  • best app for book readers

#5 TRAVEL PHRASEBOOK Android / iPhone

airplane mode app 2020

If you do not know any acquaintance inside the airplane and you do not know how to speak English. So this TRAVEL PHRASEBOOK app will prove to be quite useful for you. By this, normal information can be collected. And this is a brst airplane mode apps in 2020 in traveling time.

General Specification
  • doesn’t require internet connectivity
  • much entertaining

#6 DROP7  Android / iPhone

airplane apps

This is the DROP7 brain-stimulating game. It is a very crazy game and also a single-player game. If you wish to play the perfect game while traveling in the sky, then this gaming application is perfect for you.

General Specification
  • independent from the internet
  • Its single-player game for timepass

#7 NETFLIX Android / iPhone

airplane apps 2020

NETFLIX is an app through which you can also watch videos and movies in airplane mode. This application requires internet. And there will be no need of internet after download. By this app for timepass in airplane you will not have to miss any important college lecture.

General Specification
  • best iphone airplane mode with entertainment
  • can run even without internet

#8 TRIPOSO Android / iPhone

best airplane apps

If you are busy and you are not getting time for your personal journey then you should download this airplane mode app for timepass. Through this app for timepass, whatever is the better information of hotel, resort, or personal trip in the world, it is tried to reach you.

General Specification
  • contents offline maps
  • runs without internet

#9 TRIPIT Android / iPhone

airplane mode best apps

You must have this while traveling. Through this needy airplane app, you will get all the information related to travel. And if you want to book a hotel or flight, then through this can do this work in a very short time so let’s download this Amazing app for airplane flights

General Specification
  • ‌Not needed internet connection
  • ‌ It’s A airplane iphone apps

#10 WHITE NOISE LITE Android / iPhone

airplane mode best app

If you are traveling inside the airplane and the surrounding passenger is disturbing your peace, then this best airplane app will prove very useful for you. This will prove to be your headache erasing app. It’s Very amazing app for you.

General Specification
  • considerd as best 2020 airplane essential app
  • good for timepass in airplane

#11 SPOTIFY Android / iPhone

best apps airplane mode

Music is an integral part of everyone’s life. With this music app for airplane mode, you can make your boring flight fun. So use this app through best quality earphones. And you can also listen to your favorite songs offline. It requires internet to run this airplane essential app.

General Specification
  • listen your favourite song with airplane mode
  • This is a app for best music quality
  • when off the most largest music store

#12 TED Android / iPhone

best apps airplane mode apps

You can do this TED talks and listen to these things offline later. This needy app in airplane keeps inspiring you. This inspirational app tells you what is being done by the people around you. You become aware of them through this. This is best for your travel time.

General Specification

  • essential app for traveling
  • you won’t get boring in flight

‌#13 DISNEY+ Android / iPhone

airplane mode apps android

In Disney + you can download shows and movies and watch them inside the airplane too. And you have to give mobile internet data to this application in all 30 days. Movies and videos can be viewed offline after download. Use this best app in airplane for timepass.

General Specification

  • best application for elders and kids
  • best time pass app for travel

#14 YOUTUBE PREMIUM  Android / iPhone

airplane mode app android

You must know about you tube app and you tube premium that it is a perfect platform for everyone to listen to videos and music. Its videos can be downloaded and viewed offline. You must have an Internet connection to use it. Whenever you go to next time flight, use it. This is perfect and best app for airplane visiters.

General Specification
  • when month free trial
  • best song quality
  • best videos platform

#15 KINDLE  Android / iPhone

iphone airplane apps

You can easily handle physical copies using the kindle app. You can easily read these books at night. By reading these books at night, you can go very far in imagining yourself. The Kindle android app is very amazing.

General Specification

  • don’t need to go with physical books
  • best reading app


everyone gets the time to travel in airplane. And in traveling time you need such applications, so we have told you about the 15 best airplane mode apps above, by downloading which you can make the flight a lot more entertaining and useful. so friends comment. Thanks for reading.